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Commit 1% of your day to practicing mindfulness. Benefit charity, earn rewards and rediscover the vibe of life

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Reduce Stress

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Be more present

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Manage your weight

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Develop healthy habits

1% is a simple building block that, over time, can be incredibly transformational

How does mindfulness work?

  • What is mindfulness?

  • How will I benefit?

  • How do I practice?

What is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the ability to intentionally focus your attention in the present moment, with curiosity and interest.

When you do this, you can become more aware of your thoughts, emotions and physical sensations as they are happening, without being swept away by them.

Mindfulness training is brain training. By practicing, you begin to notice when your mind has wandered, you can let go of distractions more easily, and you can refocus on what is important in the moment. In short, you become more mentally and emotionally fit.

Some people describe mindfulness as truly living life instead of operating on autopilot, worrying about the future, or reliving the past. When we are mindful, we are aware and clear about what is happening now. We can make better choices today, which increases the likelihood of a happier tomorrow.

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One percent of your day is just 14 minutes.

Join the 1% Challenge and every minute you practice mindfulness in a live Mindful Daily session will count toward earning prizes and increasing eM Life’s donation to charity.

Practicing mindfulness helps you develop skills that have been shown to create lasting positive change, reduce stress, improve sleep and increase happiness.

So reserve your spot and start earning mindful minutes and rewards the day your challenge begins!

Everyone wins

Pick a charity of your choice. All charity partners will receive a donation from eM Life on your behalf.

How it works

Step 1

Register an email address with eM Life

Absolutely free

Step 2

Begin your challenge any time between

January 1st – 31st

Step 3

Attend any Mindful Daily session

only 14 minutes

This will kick off your 30 day challenge. Attend live Mindful Daily sessions each day and earn points for your charity.

You’ll also earn some great rewards.

* Some prizes are only available on a limited first-earned-first-rewarded basis and may be substituted with prizes of equal monetary value. Additional details, restrictions and eligibility and redemption limitations can be found in the Challenge Terms via the registration process.

So reserve your spot and start earning points and rewards the day that your challenge begins!

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