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Stress Reduction

Stress negatively impacts health. Tap into your own natural resources to reduce stress anytime.

eM Life offers live, interactive, mind-body wellness programs online available from your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Metabolic Health

Many people have metabolic syndrome, yet are unaware they have it. Elevated levels of blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar increase health care costs and the risk of type II diabetes.

eM Life has successfully reversed metabolic syndrome in 55% of the graduates.

Behavior Change

Lasting change can be achieved, and real results can be measured. Since 2007, eM Life has delivered online mindfulness programs that are validated by data from tens of thousands of graduates.

Participants over the years have consistently experienced an improvement in their health, sleep quality, weight balance and overall happiness in life.

There’s no substitute for practicing mindfulness with people together in a live environment.

The ability to communicate with your instructor and get a real time response, or share experiences and feedback with a participating community, has incredible value. And with the connectivity of digital, you can interact with people practicing all over the world.

Practicing mindfulness online in a live class allows you to have it all: access to everyone, everywhere working toward a healthy, fit mind while maintaining a human touch on your human journey.

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