Offer your audience live, daily mindfulness classes from the leader in evidence-based mindfulness.

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Whether you're looking to offer mindfulness courses alongside your own service, looking to share intriguing content, or add a completely new wellness feature to your website, eM Life can complement your activities with a robust suite of features.

Cost free & Maintenance free

You can host eM Life for free, with little effort. Platform updates and new content auto-update to your website at no cost to you.

eM Life Features Include:

  • Unlimited live Mindful Daily classes with new topics covered every day of the year
  • Access to premium on-demand content
  • Chime Time silent meditation timer
  • Working memory game
  • Activity tracking, goal setting and milestones

All the Features You Need Directly on Your Website

Drive traffic to your site and keep your audience engaged by giving them access to a feature-rich platform.

With a simple embed code and turnkey implementation, you can augment your existing services with all the features of eM Life like they were your own.

Share Revenue on Subscription Purchases

Offer free trials and premium plans, directly on your website.

Anytime a member from your audience purchases a subscription through your hosted eM Life window, you will receive a portion of the revenue for the life of their subscription. Post the embed code and begin earning revenue anytime someone signs up via your website.

Learn more about the revenue share process.

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